Let our happy clients tell you more about working with Jane at Spark Joy Manchester!

We seem to have accumulated so much stuff and so I used the decluttering service and was genuinely surprised by the methods they used and how well they worked for me and my young children. They didn’t do the work for me, they worked with me, which was ideal because I realised I have emotional connections to items I don’t really want to keep and I put financial values on things I don’t use. The most important thing they helped me with is to understand the lifestyle I want to have and this has helped me stop buying things I don’t really need, or settling for the easy available items that don’t bring me joy. I am definitely going to continue with their methods and have the lifestyle I want for me.
— Michelle
I’ve always struggled with storage space, especially for my clothes and shoes. Jane helped me to realise what items I actually needed, rather than just hoarding. There were things in my wardrobe I’d not worn for years and certainly didn’t even feel good about anymore. They rolled, folded, boxed and co-ordinated my entire collection using only the space I had available. I now have a well-organised, neat and tidy bedroom.
— Kelly
My bedroom was a mess, so un-organised. They guided me on the way to organisation. We started clearing and had 3 baskets: 1 for donations, 1 to bin, and the other to keep. I was also shown some great space saving tips: one was a better way to fold my clothes, which saves me lots of space and it looks so much tidier than just throwing them in the drawer. They were a real help to me.
— Alison
I used to find decluttering stressful but the workshop really helped me with being more decisive. It’s so simple, it’s my choice what does and doesn’t have a place in my home. Now I choose to keep only items that “spark joy”.
— Kim
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There is nothing we love more than a successful tidying session!