Top 5 Reasons Why We Keep So Much Stuff

Top 5 Reasons Why We Keep So Much Stuff

Why are our cupboards and drawers full of stuff we never use?

I recently asked this question to a group of ladies who were interested in decluttering their home.  These were their top five answers:

1.     We may need it one day

Justin Case has a lot to answer for.  We keep lots of things just in case we might need them one day.  These items creep into every area of our lives and the reality is if you haven't used something for twelve months then you are unlikely to want to use it ever.  Most often these items don't cost a lot of money and so could easily be replaced, so let it go.

2.     I will eventually lose enough weight to fit into these clothes

We really do have good intentions of shedding those extra pounds.  Instead of looking at it in terms of the size tag, hold up every piece of clothing that no longer fits and ask yourself "Does it spark joy?" if the answer is no, (or you hesitate then it probably means no), pass it on to a charity shop.

3.     It was really expensive 

When we've paid a lot of money for an item, we attach a financial value to it.  The trick here is to think of the item in terms of the pleasure it has given you.  This may be the pleasure of wearing, buying, or receiving something.  If the item no longer gives you pleasure then it is time to discard it.  If it has true financial value then you could sell it, but more often then not we attach a false value to items because they cost a lot of money but are no longer worth anywhere near that amount.

4.     Emotional value or attachment

This is one of the most difficult areas when we are trying to decide whether or not to keep something.  We should keep things for the right reasons.  If we are keeping lots of things because they are a memory, then ask yourself if there is a better way of keeping it.  I recently saw some mums framing their little one's pictures and displaying them, rather than keeping them stacked in a cupboard.  If you have your granny's prized tea set then maybe display it rather than having it on the top shelf of your kitchen cabinet where it's out of sight.

5.     Moving home

Sometimes when we move home we pack everything up regardless of whether we need it, want it, or have room for it. Then when we move in we leave it in the boxes with the intention of using it one day. Moving home is the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the stuff you don't need or want. Firstly ask yourself "Do I like it?" then "Do I need it?" then "Will it fit into my new home. If the answer is no then it's a good opportunity to let go.

Jane Fern