Summer Holiday Packing

Summer Holiday Packing

Getting organised in advance of your holiday

Do you leave your suitcase packing until the last minute?  Plan ahead so should anything unexpected occur you won't need to rush your packing and end up forgetting something.

Get your suitcase out

Where is your suitcase stored?  Is it in the loft?  Do you need to borrow one, or buy a new one?  Get it out now so you can check it's in working order.

Think in terms of outfits rather than individual clothes 

Put the clothes you intend to take on your bed including swimwear, shoes, bags, belts, underwear, nightwear, cardigans, shawls, jackets, jewellery, and hair accessories.

Work out how many days you will be away and so how many outfits you will need and how much underwear and nightwear etc. 

Then put your clothes into day outfits and evening outfits and include all the accessories.  Remember you may be able to wear an item more than once, so one pair of shorts or trousers and shoes may go with two tops.

It's important to then put away everything you decide not to take.

At this stage begin a list of things you need to buy, for example you may have realised you need a new swimming costume, or your flip-flops are on breaking point.

Re-think to make it simple

Don't over pack!  Have another look at the number of outfits you have and see if you can reduce it down.


Decant your shampoo, conditioner, body wash etc. into smaller bottles; you can buy these from the pound shop.  Here is a list of hand-luggage restrictions at UK airports

Electrical Equipment

If you are going abroad make sure you have the correct adapters. If you are staying in a hotel check if they have hair dryers to save you the trouble of taking your own.  Make a list of anything you need to pack last minute such as your phone charger or razor.


Remember to get any repeat prescriptions in plenty of time.  The NHS guidelines on taking medication abroad suggests you take a spare pack of medication, one in your hand luggage and one in your suitcase.  

Also be aware that if you are travelling through countries on route to another there may be different drug restrictions than the UK so this would be a good time to check this out.

Cancel Milk and Papers

This is something we often forget to do so get organised and cancel your milk and papers and any other regular deliveries you may have.

Switch Off Your Central Heating

Remember to turn off your central heating and set it to frost guard if you are going away during the colder months.

Unplug Electrical Equipment

Remember to unplug and switch off electrical equipment such as TVs, kettles, computers etc. to minimise the fire risk while you are away.

Think in advance where you are going to put your home door key/car keys/taxi money to get back home.

Making Lists

I'm not a big fan of making lists but in cases like this I think it's essential so that you remember everything.  These are some things you may need to add to your list:

Things to buy or borrow

Things to do such as get medication (allow 3-4 days for repeat prescriptions), cancel papers

Last minute packing

Things to switch off and unplug

Jane Fern