Organised Evenings Lead to Stress Free Mornings


Organised Evenings Lead to Stress Free Mornings

Some top tips on planning for a stress free morning

Remove the morning rush

Do you want to banish the morning rush, and make being late a thing of the past? Then think about the things you will need to put into place the night before. Here are some things that you may need to do:

Prepare lunch while you are preparing the evening meal

While preparing the evening meal prepare the next day's lunches at the same time and put them in the fridge.  You will:

Notice if you have ran out of anything you need for lunch!

Have time to think about healthy options and the right amount of food.

Find the right containers for everything.

Have a smile on your face at accomplishing this dreaded task!

What to do after eating your evening meal?

It's so tempting but don't eat your evening meal on your knee in front of the TV unless you have no dining table. It's so much harder to get going again after eating when there is something interesting on the TV. Follow these tips to motivate you:

Always eat at the table.

As soon as you have finished at the table, go into the kitchen and wash, dry and put away the pots.  

If you have a dishwasher fill it up and set it going and remember to go back and empty it later.

Wipe down all the worktops.

Sweep the kitchen floor.

Clean and dry your sink.

Check your diary

You want to be prepared for the next day and not get caught out missing an appointment or forgetting something you need to address. Follow these simple tips to keep you organised:

Check your diary every evening. (Read our blog 'Five Simple Steps to Getting Organised with your Diary'.)

Think through what you will be doing the next day. Is there anything you need 

to get ready? Did you hear it might rain? Then put you umbrella with your bag.

Are you going straight to the gym from work? Then get your gym bag ready and your water or snack that you take.

Write little post it notes as reminders and stick them in places you will see them like the front door.

What are you wearing tomorrow?

Think about what you will be wearing the next day. This avoids the mad rush around in the morning looking for the missing shoe, or the "oh no I forgot to wash that!". Tips to help:

Think about what you will be doing so that you can choose the appropriate clothes.

Think about ALL of your clothes from your underwear to your shoes and coat.

Choose your accessories too.

Place all of your clothes in a place together where you get dressed.

Get to bed early and relax

We have a tendency to go to bed far too late and not allow ourselves enough time to unwind and relax. You could have a bedtime box that you keep on your bed a bit like a nightdress case but a bit more grown up. The point is to help bedtime be more inviting and relaxing. Here are some tips for your go to bed early routine:

Keep a box/basket on your bed with your PJs or nightie.

Add to the basket all the things that will help you relax/or pamper yourself e.g. 

hand lotion, body spray, and book to read.

Make a rule of no media devices; they tend to stimulate the brain and you will end up staying awake far later than you planned.

Get a good alarm clock – not your phone.

If you hit the snooze button too much then put you alarm well away from your 

bed so that you have to get out of bed to stop it!  If necessary have more than one!!

You could take a bath or shower to save you time in the morning

So think ahead, enjoy your evening in the knowledge that you have planned for a stress free start to tomorrow.

Jane Fern