National Clear Your Clutter Day

The perfect opportunity to clear your clutter

Spring is definitely in the air with cute Easter bunnies and yellow chicks prominent in the shops.  So maybe it's time to get from under your snuggle blankets and take a fresh look around you and clear away some of the clutter.

If you've been thinking about clearing your clutter then next weekend could be the perfect opportunity for you, because it's 'National Clear Your Clutter Day' on 19th March. 

If you have been procrastinating over what seems like a daunting task, then start with just a small area.  We use a method inspired by Marie Kondo and so we would recommend that you begin with your clothes.  This is because it's one of the easier areas of your home to declutter and organise and it feels extremely satisfying once it's been done. 

Some tips to getting the job done: 

1.     If an item no longer sparks joy then ask yourself why you are keeping it.

2.     It's often good to take your first reaction to an item as you handle it.  If your gut reaction is that it doesn't spark joy then probably the right thing to do is pass it on to someone who will enjoy having it.

3.     Once you have decided what you are getting rid of, do it straight away.  If you have put items in a bin bag or box then put it straight into the boot of your car if you can.  Often we continue to procrastinate even after we have made the decision to let items go.  Or if you have young children and you have bagged or boxed things up belonging to them, they sometimes start to route and take things out again.  Then you are faced with the battle of emotions too and you don't want to have to do the job again!

4.     If you have any items that are of sentimental value then you could display them rather than keeping them hidden away in a cupboard, drawer or loft.

The money-saving expert and TV and radio presenter Jasmine Birtles has come up with some tips and ideas on selling, upcycling, mending, and giving away the things you don't want or need anymore on her MoneyMagpie website.

Jane Fern