Keeping Your Kitchen Tidy

Keeping Your Kitchen Tidy

Does keeping on top of your kitchen frustrate you?

Keeping your kitchen tidy should be simple for me as I'm lucky enough to have a good size kitchen with plenty of cupboard space and a dishwasher, so why do I, and thousands of others, find it difficult to keep on top of?

I came across a discussion recently where some people identified when they considered the job to be complete.  So with regards to eating an evening meal, some people regarded it complete after eating the meal, whereas others regarded it complete after they had washed and put away the all the pots, pans and dishes and wiped down the kitchen surfaces. 

Which camp are you in?

In your mind are you finished after your meal or after everything is tidied away, or somewhere in between?  You may feel pretty exhausted by the time they've finished your evening meal and quite frankly just want to flop.  Or you may have young children to get ready for bed, or need to rush out to visit an elderly relative.  Whatever the reason for preventing you from completing the task it needs a shift in focus of what the completed job looks like. 

How can you fix it?

First of all decide which of the above category you fit into.  If you consider your evening meal completed when you've finished eating, or only partly clear away the dishes then you need to shift your focus onto a new end goal.  The new end goal is your lovely, tidy, gleaming kitchen!

Next is putting it into practice.  You need to create a prompt and reward.  In this case the reward is seeing your lovely tidy kitchen.  Your prompt may be getting up from the dining table.

So next time you eat a meal, whether it's your evening meal, breakfast or lunch think of the end goal before you begin.

Jane Fern