Easter Egg Hunt


Easter Egg Hunt

Make your own Easter Egg Hunt this year

Every year I look forward to having an Easter Egg Hunt with my grandchildren.  I write out little rhyming clues and place them around the garden where I leave them slightly poking out so they can just about see them.  I like rhyming clues because they have to work out the answer, which really makes them think about where the next clue might be.  They have great fun and I love listening to their squeals and watching their excitement as they find the next hidden clue and eggs.

There are many exciting ways to have an Easter Egg Hunt and you can easily make your own.  One way is to identify places or objects in the garden or home where you could hide the clues.  Then make up a short rhyme for each one, remembering that the first clue won't be hidden.  Or you could set it up so that there are no clues and the children have to just find the eggs.  There's a nice article on netmums, including some rhymes and what you might need to buy 

This year instead of looking for objects in the garden, or all over the house, I've made rhyming clues to accompany pictures of numbers, colours, shapes, and animals so that the Easter Egg Hunt can be set up pretty much anywhere, indoors or out and can be confined to quite a small area if need be.  You can get your very own copy from TES for just £3.00. The children love to decorate and make their own Easter Basket so I've also included an Easter Basket template that can be printed on card or paper.  It's a great time-saver and all you will need is scissors, glue and colouring pencils

Jane Fern