Create a Habit of Organising Laundry

Create a Habit of Organising Laundry


Oh the bliss of organised laundry! There really is a simple solution to getting your laundry organised. It doesn’t mater what size your family is, you just need one routine that works and then follow it.


Decide on the best place to house your laundry basket. Unless members of your household are responsible for their own laundry then you need to insist that laundry finds its way into the basket that you have designated.

Choose a basket that divides the laundry into three categories, dark colours, light colours and whites.

Separating the laundry as it is placed into the basket makes it easier to see when there is enough for a particular wash load.


Everything has a beginning, a middle and an end. Laundry is no different.  The secret to having organised laundry is to follow through to the end.

·      Beginning:  Wash the laundry

·      Middle:       Dry the laundry

·      End:             Fold/Iron and put away the laundry.


This will totally depend on your schedule and how you are going to dry your laundry. Pick a time and give it a go – if it doesn’t work change it. You could try one of these routines.

Routine 1 – Do it as soon as you get up so that it can be washing while you have your breakfast and get yourself ready. You can then hang it to dry as soon as it is washed.

Routine 2 – Do it just prior to your evening meal so that it can be washing while you prep and eat dinner. Hang it to dry as soon as you have cleared up after dinner.

Routine 3 - Put the washer on just before you go to bed so that it can wash while you are asleep. Hang it to dry as soon as you get up.

If there are particular items you dislike ironing then try to only wash a couple of these items at a time so that you only have to iron 2 of them at a time!


How to dry your laundry will depend on where you live, the climate, and  your budget. The most important point is that you only wash what you can realistically dry.

Empty the washing machine as soon as you can into a basket. There are various methods of drying. laundry.  Choose the one that best suits you, but do it as soon as possible after washing. If you leave wet washing in the washer or in a basket it will begin to smell.

·      Peg it outside

·      Hang it on a maiden

·      Put it on the radiators

·      Hang it on a purpose built drying rail

·      Use a heated dryer


As well as planning a time when you will start the laundry, you must also plan when you are going to complete the final stage of putting it away. You may be able to complete the laundry just prior to starting another laundry load.  

As soon as you remove the laundry from the place of drying then it should be put away. This is the best time to either fold or iron it. Definitely don’t leave it in a pile – piles grow!!


In order for a useful task to become a habit you need to keep on repeating it. It generally takes around 21 days to form a new habit.


·      You already have a habit of what happens to your laundry – think about it!!

·      Spend a bit of time with a pen and paper and decide on the best routine for you.

·      Implement the routine for 21 days to create a good habit. 

Jane Fern