Back to School

Back to School

Are you prepared?

The conclusion of the school summer holidays is fast approaching and here are some tips you may find useful to help you get organised in preparation for your child’s return to school.

Put together a list of all the items your child will need and then plan when you are going to get them. You will be so glad you did this when term-time starts again. To make a list it's best to think in terms of categories; here's an example list to get you started.

School Uniform

·       Vests

·       Knickers/boxers

·       Socks/tights

·       Skirt/Trousers

·       Blouse/Shirt

·       Tie

·       Cardigan/Jumper

·       Blazer/Jacket

·       Shoes/Wellies

Sports Kit

·       Sports socks

·       T-Shirt

·       Shorts

·       Leotard

·       Swimming Costume

·       Football kit

·       Towel

·       Sports shoes

·       Pump bag

·       Sports bag

School bag


·       Pencil Case

·       Paper

·       Pencil

·       Pen

·       Rubber

·       Felt tips

·       Ruler

Lunch Time

·       Sandwich box

·       Fruit box

·       Bottle for water/juice


Permanent Marker

In an ideal world you will get everything you need in one trip but we know that is not generally the case, so after each shopping trip keep all of your purchases together in one place (including your list) until you have ticked everything off.

Schools usually want everything labeled with your child's name. A permanent marker is great for items such as shoes, pumps, wellies and lunch boxes. You can get iron on labels for clothing or you could write your child’s name on the clothing tags.

Once everything is labeled get everything ready for the first day at school. Put all the uniform together in one place, sports kit in the sports bag, stationery supplies into the school bag, lunch box and water bottle in the designated place in the kitchen.

I hope you find these suggestions useful and have a great start to the new school year.

Jane Fern