At Spark Joy Manchester, we can help you live a life of simplicity and one where your home makes you truly happy.

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Hello! I’m Jane.

My passion is helping people spark joy in their homes.

I am proud to be a Certified KonMari™ Consultant, one of only 18 throughout the United Kingdom! I have a desire to see a person’s life transformed by helping them identify what is truly important to them and what makes them happy. I believe in the importance of creating a home that reflects the lifestyle which brings its owners joy—a place of peace, calm and happiness.


In-Home Organising

As a Certified KonMari™ Consultant, I will assist you in restoring balance into your life so that you are surrounded only with those things that make you happy.

Using the KonMari Method™ gives you a start and a finish to your tidying process. We tidy by the following categories:

• Clothes

• Books

• Papers

• Miscellaneous items

• Sentimental items

Special Offer

I have a great March FREE offer here at Spark Joy Manchester. One of my KonMari consultant colleagues has just launched a tidying tool to help you declutter and organise your home using the KonMari method. The book is hot off the press and is called ‘The Tidy Home Journal’ by Kristyn Ivy from For The Love of Tidy

 I am giving away a FREEcopy to anyone who books a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with me during March. Lets make March the month that you get a head start on your KonMari tidying festival.

Simply book your free call and I will send you your FREE tidying journal. 

This offer is only available in March 2019.


We offer workshops where you can learn how to organise your home and make clutter a thing of the past!

In our workshop sessions we:

Teach you methods on how to declutter and get organised.

• Identify your individual problem areas within your home. 

• Discuss your current lifestyle and how to create the lifestyle you dream of, and deserve!

You can work in a small group and learn from your fellow classmates!